Our Building Process

While every home we build has its own plan and reflects the individual needs and budget of our clients, we follow the same set of processes and procedures for every new home construction project.

With over 50 years of experience, we've developed a system that not only keeps our team and trades organized and understanding what's expected of them, but also gives you the opportunity to witness your dream home being built in front of your eyes!

1. Budget, Design, & Contract

We start with a detailed review and assessment of your vision, wish list, lot preference (if applicable) and budget. Our architect designs a preliminary plan and our sales team works out a preliminary quote outlining what is included for both the interior and the exterior of the home. This can be a multi-meeting process to get to the stage where we have a plan and budget/price that is agreed upon. From here we sign our Purchase Agreements, Schedules (Detailed list of interior and exterior finishing, Architectural Controls where applicable) and other documents that are custom to your purchase. We also discuss estimated dates for completion of construction.

2. Approvals

Inner city homes and infills must first go through the process of obtaining a Development Permit from the City. Development Permit approval is a fairly involved process and requires consultation with City Planners, Community Associations and per the City of Calgary, "is based on the Municipal Government Act and the Land-Use By-Law. Plan reviews, approvals, and site inspections in relationship to land use, site development, streetscape, planning principles, densities, landscaping, transportation, parking etc., are provided to ensure that development takes place in accordance to the approved planning, engineering and environmental policies."

New Home Construction
A Lupi living room

For new home construction in one of the new development areas such as Rock Lake Estates, an "Architectural Control" approval is first required. This process ensures that the exterior of the home, it's size, and design conforms to the theme established by the developer of the area. Buyers are required to review and sign off on these controls as part of the purchase process.

Once Development Permit or Architectural Control approvals are obtained, we move forward with the Building Permit process which involves full working drawings, engineering reviews, joist and roof layouts, and ensuring the home meets current building and energy code requirements.

Infill Demo & Construction

For infills, we also apply for Demolition Permits (including service disconnection, asbestos testing and abatement if necessary) and of course ensuring we meet all safety requirements for the neighboring homes in the area.

3. The Building Blocks

As construction starts, a meeting with Lupi Luxury Homes provides you with further information regarding our building process and what steps you need to take in finalizing your selections with our suppliers. You'll receive a supplier contact list that also explains the timelines we require your selections to be finalized in order to maintain the schedule to completion discussed during contract signing.

Lupi building process in action

Throughout the process, we have scheduled walkthroughs/site meetings with you and our Site Supervisors or Construction Managers including:

  • After the foundation is poured
  • During and after framing stage
  • Rough-ins (electrical, plumbing, etc.)
  • Finishing stage (exterior is done separately and is weather dependent)
  • Prior to possession

Our team is also always readily available to meet with you in our office or on site as required during different stages of construction as it is important to us that you feel comfortable with the process and with the selections you've made.

Process Outline
Step 1
Concept Meeting

Bring all of your inspiration pictures and more to meet with our team to start designing your custom luxury home.

Step 2
Floor Plan

We’ll draw up your floor plan and ensure it’s approved by YOU!

Step 3

Make selections on your own or work with our designers to create a consistent and beautiful overall design of your home.

Step 4

Most selections are completed as we begin breaking ground.

Step 5

Once foundation is poured, we’ll have our first walk-through meeting.

Step 6
Rough-Ins Complete

We’ll have our second walk-through to discuss plumbing, electrical, HVAC installation and more.

Step 7
Drywall & Finishing

Once the drywall is complete, we’ll have our third walk-through to discuss finishings.

Step 8
Visions into Reality

This is where you see your selections come to life from the cabinets to flooring, appliances, countertops etc.

Step 9

This will be your opportunity to address any questions you may have before final possession.

Step 10

Your house becomes your home! Upon possession of your home, we conduct an orientation with you of various components in your house.

4. Warranty & Service

We provide you with 35 days advance notice of your occupancy date. During this period we also prepare documentation for transfer of land title (where applicable) and those required for final closing. You can now work on setting up your individual utility accounts with your provider of choice and make arrangements for your much anticipated move in date!

A Lupi bathroom

We walk through the home with you and take note of any deficiencies and items for touch up and service. Upon possession of your home, we conduct an orientation with you of various components in your house including plumbing, HVAC and mechanical. You will also receive a binder of warranty information and instruction/care manuals for various items in your home (windows, flooring, etc.).

New Home Warranty

Lupi Luxury Homes is a long-standing member of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program and offers home warranty as follows:

  • One (1) Year Warranty with Lupi Luxury Homes Inc.
  • Alberta New Home Warranty Protection as follows:
    • One (1) Year Workmanship and Material
    • Two (2) Year Delivery and Distribution Systems
    • Five (5) Year Building Envelope Coverage
    • Ten (10) Year Structural Defects

Warranties do not cover day-to-day use (wear and tear) or other exclusions and limitations as outlined by the Alberta New Home Warranty Program.

We proudly stand by our work and post-possession service and winning the award for Best Customer Experience for the H.O.M.E. Home Owner Mark of Excellence Awards validates this claim.

Thank you for taking the time to explore how we build luxury homes for people just like you! If you have any questions, please contact us here.

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