Home Building Process

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Step Two

Applications, Approvals, Permits

Inner city homes and infills must first go through the process of obtaining a Development Permit from the City. Development Permit approval is a fairly involved process and requires consultation with City Planners, Community Associations and per the City of Calgary, "is based on the Municipal Government Act and the Land-Use By-Law. Plan reviews, approvals, and site inspections in relationship to land use, site development, streetscape, planning principles, densities, landscaping, transportation, parking etc., are provided to ensure that development takes place in accordance to the approved planning, engineering and environmental policies."

For new home construction in one of the new development areas such as Rock Lake Estates, an "Architectural Control" approval is first required. This process ensures that the exterior of the home, it's size, and design conforms to the theme established by the developer of the area. Buyers are required to review and sign off on these controls as part of the purchase process.

Once Development Permit or Architectural Control approvals are obtained, we move forward with the Building Permit process which involves full working drawings, engineering reviews, joist and roof layouts, and ensuring the home meets current building and energy code requirements.

For infills, we also apply for Demolition Permits (including service disconnection, asbestos testing and abatement if necessary) and of course ensuring we meet all safety requirements for the neighboring homes in the area.